Wadden Sea Ecosystem 33: Dynamic Islands in the Wadden Sea

The 2014 report is a collection of a series of papers dealing with the development of small uninhabited islands to demonstrate dynamic processes at work on different scales. The objectives for this issue are to present an overview of dynamic islands throughout the Wadden Sea, to illustrate the main geomorphological features and to describe the consequences for biota, to obtain an understanding of general developments and regional differences in is land dynamics throughout the Wadden Sea, to exemplify the value and significance of natural dynamics in the Wadden Sea to a broader public and to decision makers, and to highlight the intrinsic value and importance of natural processes to the ecosystem.


Citation: Hellwig, U. and Stock, M. (Eds.) (2014) Dynamic Islands in the Wadden Sea. Ecosystem No. 33: 1-134. Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Wilhelmshaven, Germany. www.waddensea-secretariat.org, Wilhelmshaven Germany.

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