You are a guest - this is where I live

The Wadden Sea World Heritage Site is a huge wild habitat in the middle of Europe. With the video campaign "You are a guest - this is where I live. The Wadden Sea." we invite you to be a good guest in nature.

How would you feel about someone letting loose in your home? In our video series, five representatives of the animal and plant world of the Wadden Sea turn the tables on us!

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So, behave!

Help preserve the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site today and for future generations. Don't litter, keep your distance to resting seals and birds, stay on the marked paths, leave nature in nature, and put the dog on a leash - and share this message with others!


Thank you say...

...the brent goose, the ringed plover, the sea holly, the seal, the oystercatcher, and all other animals and plants of the Wadden Sea!


A guest in World Heritage

How does it feel to be welcomed as a guest by the Wadden Sea? In this video, people who live with and for the Wadden Sea talk about their connection to this unique natural landscape. They give us an insight into the fascination of the Wadden Sea and take us into a world where heaven and earth share the same stage.


Imprint and acknowledgements

The campaign "You are a guest - this is where I live. The Wadden Sea." is a cooperation project of WWF Germany in collaboration with the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat and the Wadden Sea National Park Authorities of Lower Saxony, Hamburg, and Schleswig-Holstein.

Our big thanks for the realisation go to all the committed partners, the great contributors, and the fantastic production team!


Brent goose

Actors: Julia Wenzel, Louie Wenzel, Willi Wenzel, Janosch Wenzel-Kraus
Many thanks to Hundezentrum Westküste, Thorsten Paulsen and Pitu the dog
Many thanks to Dieter Harms for the archive footage


Ringed plover

Actors: Zoe Holch, Celina Lucht, Alexander Knappstein
Many thanks to NABU for the archive footage


Sea holly

Actors: Benedict D’Costa, Manfred Gerlach, Conrad Baur-Schlichtegroll



Actors: Markus Jatzkowski, Hendrik Brandt, Anna Brandt, Hanna Brandt
Many thanks to Flying Pangolin Film for the archive footage
Many thanks to Dieter Harms for the archive footage


Oyster catcher

Actress: Sandra Philippsen
Many thanks to Dieter Harms for the archive footage


Long film

Interviewees: Heika, Ida & Stina Behrends, Levke Brauer, Birgit Bertz, Hendrik Brunckhorst, Birgit und Hans-Jürgen Haller, Lars Hirschmann, Katja Just, Frerk Petersen, Frieda Schönleben


TEAM for all clips and long film

Idea & realisation: Martin D’Costa & Valentin Holch
Set & costume: Hanne Lenze-Lauch
Animal costumes: Constanze Schuster
Camera assistance & sound: Jacob Hohf
Music: Friedrich Weiß & Berend Intelmann
Sound design: Florian Reder
Editorial support: Annika Bostelmann (CWSS), Alina Claussen (LKN.SH), Janne Lieven (BUKEA), Anja Szczesinski (WWF Deutschland) & Jan Wagner (NLPV Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer).

Many thanks to Sven Walser.


A win win film production in cooperation with dschungelfilm © 2023



The campaign "You are a guest - this is where I live. The Wadden Sea." was produced in the framework of Interreg VB project PROWAD Link. 15 project partners in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom working with interested SMEs used the “nature-business-benefit-cycle” concept to develop new, sustainable products and offers in the pilot regions of the Wadden Sea (DK, D, NL), Geiranger Fjord (NO), Wash & North Norfolk Coast (UK). The 2018-2022 project is co-funded by and carried out in the framework of the Interreg North Sea Region Programme under the Programme Priority 1 “Thinking Growth”. The programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union.