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Wadden Sea Day 2023


Wilhelmshaven (D)

The 2023 Wadden Sea Day is titled "Put the Wadden Sea’s Biodiversity on the path to recovery!" and will focus on biodiversity changes and impacts of its loss on the unique ecosystem and its Outstanding Universal Value as World Heritage Site.

A naturally high biodiversity is indispensable for healthy and resilient ecosystems, especially in the face of the climate crisis and the resulting necessity of adapting to a changing world. The trilateral Wadden Sea is one of the main hotspots of biodiversity in the world, with species which live here all year round while others are important guests on their way to the south or north. However, biodiversity is under threat and concerted actions are required to protect or to restore it. The event will take stock of the risk situation and highlight different approaches by the sectors shipping, fisheries and tourism to solutions for nature conservation. The symposium aims at bringing together different stakeholders, which are active players in the Wadden Sea area and discuss their potential role in paving paths towards more sustainability and protecting biodiversity.

Invited are practitioners, scientists, policy-makers, conservation managers and non-governmental organizations working in the field.

Registration will soon be opened online and is free of charge. You will receive an invitation to register in a separate email.

For inquiries please contact Thea Hamm (+49 4421 911 289;