Wadden Sea in open competition for most esteemed landmarks in Germany

The Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, a site of unparalleled natural beauty and significance, is a contender for German National Tourist Board competition for the most esteemed landmarks. Supporters are encouraged to cast their votes and advocate for the inclusion of this remarkable treasure in Germany's top attractions. The annual survey was launched in March, by the tourist board, as they seek to determine the nation's Top 100 attractions.

Travellers, visitors, locals, and aficionados have been voting to nominate their favourite destinations across Germany. This initiative presents an opportunity to shape the roster of the most cherished natural wonders, historical landmarks, recreational hubs, cultural events, and heritage sites. The final Top 100 list will honour the most frequently cited locations. With the current voting phase in full swing, enthusiasts for the Wadden Sea are asked to participate and amplify the message to showcase the splendour of the Wadden Sea.

Voting can be done on the GNTB website and remains open until July 30, 2024.