Sylt Declaration 2010
11th Trilateral Governmental Conference on the Protection of the Wadden Sea
Wadden Sea Plan 2010
The Trilateral Wadden Sea Plan (WSP) is the common policy and management plan for the protection and sustainable management of the Wadden Sea Area. It is also the common management plan for the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. A unique and basic feature of the Wadden Sea Plan is that it aims at achieving the full scala of habitats, which belong to a natural and dynamic Wadden Sea.
Exploring Contrasting Trends of Migratory Waterbirds in the Wadden Sea 2009
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 27 - 2009.
Science for Nature Conservation and Management: the Wadden Sea Ecosystem and EU Directives.
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 26 - 2010. Proceedings of the 12th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, 30 March - 3 April 2009 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
The Wadden Sea Quality Status Report 2009
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 25 - 2009. Marencic, H. & de Vlas, J. (Eds), 2009. Quality Status Report 2009. Wadden Sea Ecosystem 25. Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Group, Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
Seriously Declining Trends in Migratory Waterbirds: Causes - Concerns - Consequences
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 23 - 2007. Proceedings of the International Workshop on 31 August 2006 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
LancewadPlan. The Wadden Sea Region - A living historic landscape
The brochure explains the project via providing a background, aims, content and outcomes of this endeavour, and also touches on the new working relationship with The Wash area of the UK.
LancewadPlan Strategy
Project LancewadPlan 2004 - 2007. A draft integrated strategy to preserve, maintain and develop the cultural landscape and heritage in the Wadden Sea Region. Elaborated by the project LancewadPlan (Integrated Landscape and Cultural Heritage Management and Development Plan for the Wadden Sea Region) co-fi nanced by the EU Interreg IIIB North Sea Programme
Wadden Sea World Heritage Site Publications
This page provides an overview and download possibility for all the documents related to the nomination of the Wadden Sea as a World Heritage site from 2008 to 2014.
Spread of the Pacific Oyster in the Wadden Sea. Causes and consequences of a successful invasion
Conclusions and Recommendations from the Trilateral Workshop on Pacific Oyster invasion in the Wadden Sea (22 March 2007). Interreg IIIB - HARBASINS Project