Status of coastal waterbird populations in the East Atlantic Flyway 2014
This report of the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative (WSFI) gives an assessment of trends and waterbird population sizes based on the total winter count along the whole East Atlantic Flyway in 2014.
The Future of the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative Part 2
Further prioritization of activities and identification of key players. This report proposes ten projects suitable for taking forward the objectives of WSFI.
Trends of Breeding Birds in the Wadden Sea 1991-2013
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 35. The progress report shows trends in the mean annual population size and trends in the Wadden Sea and the four regions Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and the Netherlands. For the first time, trends in the numbers of breeding birds in seven regions of the Wadden Sea were also calculated.
Trends of Migratory and Wintering Waterbirds in the Wadden Sea 1987/1988-2011/2012
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 34. The Joint Monitoring of Migratory Birds (JMMB) Group presents 25- and 10-year trends on 34 migratory bird species up to 2011/2012. For the first time trends of 10 sub-species are included in the progress report.
Trends of Breeding Birds in the Wadden Sea 1991-2009
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 32. In this progress report the Joint Monitoring Breeding Bird group (JMBB) is presenting trends of 26 breeding bird species in the Wadden Sea for the years 1991-2009. For the first time a summary of trends as indicators for habitats and food choice are presented. Additionally an overview of the population development of 7 rare breeding bird species is given.
Dynamic Islands in the Wadden Sea
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No.33. Dynamic Islands in the Wadden Sea. Small uninhabited islands are still demonstrating the dynamic geological processes in the Wadden Sea. In the presented WSE the authors are illustrating with a wide variety of aspects the dynamics of 7 small Wadden Sea islands.
The Future of the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative
The WSFI developed a concept as basis for decisions in planning future project sand activities. The concept is based on the WSFI Plan of Actions and experiences made in the WSFI projects 2012-2014.
Tønder Declaration 2014
The 12th Trilateral Danish-German-Dutch Government Conference on the Protection of the Wadden Sea was held in the town of Tønder, Denmark on 4-5 February 2014.
TMAP Typology of Coastal Vegetation in the Wadden Sea Area
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No.32. Synopsis with a comprehensive overview about the existing vegetation types of salt marshes and dunes in the Wadden Sea region by the expert group Salt Marsh & Dunes of the Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Programme (TMAP). Version 1.0.4, 15 August 2017.
Trilateral Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (CCAS)
Annex to the Tønder Declaration, the Trilateral Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (CCAS) was adopted on 5 February 2018.