17. June 2013
The decrease of 2/3 relevant breeding bird species in the Wadden Sea was the reason why bird experts and conservation managers of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands came together at the international Wadden Sea workshop “Breeding Birds in Trouble”. The workshop report is now available. ... [more]
29. May 2013
Three countries, 20 visitor centers in 16 days – this is a very intensive programme of the South Korean delegation that is currently travelling along the Wadden Sea coastline. ... [more]
28. May 2013
Karsten Reise delivered a keynote lecture entitled "Turning tides: A natural history of the Wadden Sea" at the 13th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium. This publication gives a brief summary of the knowledge Reise has acquired during his scientific career. ... [more]
16. May 2013
The May issue of the Wadden Sea Newsletter provides insights into relevant topics, events, issues around the Wadden Sea with a particular focus on the international projects of the Trilateral Cooperation. ... [more]
19. April 2013
Latest trends in breeding bird numbers show that 2/3 of all internationally monitored species breeding in the Wadden Sea have declining numbers. The trend over the past ten years even indicates that the rate of decline has recently accelerated, e.g. in species like Oystercatcher, Avocet, and Arctic Tern. ... [more]
18. April 2013
The goal of more intensive cooperation brought together 25 experts from four European marine World Heritage Sites to the National Park Administration, Tönning, on 15 and 16 April. ... [more]
25. January 2013
On January, 25th the Danish representative at the UNESCO Ambassador Poul Erik Dam Kristensen submitted the nomination for the inscription of the Danish Wadden Sea on the World Heritage List to the Director of the World Heritage Centre, Kishore Rao. ... [more]
23. January 2013
Regional training course ‘Monitoring waterbirds and wetlands along the west coast of Africa’ Parc National du Diawling, Mauritania. ... [more]
08. January 2013
The Dutch Wadden Academy and the CWSS has published the booklet ”The Wadden Sea Region. A World Class Cultural Landscape”. ... [more]