31. October 2013
Managers from over 40 marine World Heritage sites meet in Ajaccio, Corsica, on 18-20 October. As follow-up of the meeting on Hawaii in 2010, this was the second time that the UNESCO World Heritage Marine Programme has invited site managers to exchange experiences from sites representing the “Crown Jewels of the Ocean”. ... [more]
08. October 2013
On 4 October the new visitor centre Kweldercentrum Noarderleech in Noard-Fryslân Bûtendyks near the village of Hallum in the province of Fryslan, the Netherlands, was opened by the member of the provincial executive Tineke Schokker-Strampel, who is also a member of the Wadden Sea Board. ... [more]
20. September 2013
The Joint Monitoring of Migratory Birds (JMMB) Group presents 24- and 10-year trends on 34 migratory bird species until 2010/2011. Trends are shown for the international Wadden Sea, The Netherlands, Niedersachsen, Schleswig-Holstein, and Denmark. ... [more]
30. August 2013
This year’s Wadden Sea Day was dedicated to the fascinating topic of salt marshes. Over 80 scientists, managers, policy makers and other Wadden Sea stakeholders participated in the conference to discuss challenges and prospects for the future of this indispensable part of the Wadden Sea ecosystem. ... [more]
23. August 2013
Today two experts from IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), Dr. Oliver Avramovski from Macedonia and Dr. Wendy Strahm from Switzerland, completed a one-week journey – the field mission – during which they visited parts of the Wadden Sea that are nominated for an extension of the Wadden Sea World Heritage. ... [more]
08. July 2013
In the past almost all the West European Shelducks moulted in the German part of the Wadden Sea, where they have been systematically counted and reached up to 200,000 birds since the late 1980s. In the last years about a quarter of the moulting Shelducks in the Wadden Sea shifted from the German to the Dutch part ... [more]
25. June 2013
The first summer issue of the Wadden Sea Newsletter puts the following themes in focus: ... [more]
17. June 2013
The decrease of 2/3 relevant breeding bird species in the Wadden Sea was the reason why bird experts and conservation managers of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands came together at the international Wadden Sea workshop “Breeding Birds in Trouble”. The workshop report is now available. ... [more]
29. May 2013
Three countries, 20 visitor centers in 16 days – this is a very intensive programme of the South Korean delegation that is currently travelling along the Wadden Sea coastline. ... [more]
28. May 2013
Karsten Reise delivered a keynote lecture entitled "Turning tides: A natural history of the Wadden Sea" at the 13th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium. This publication gives a brief summary of the knowledge Reise has acquired during his scientific career. ... [more]