17. May 2016
On 30 June and 1 July 2016, the Waddenacademie and the NIOZ Wadden System Research Centre will host an international scientific symposium at the island of Texel (Netherlands) on the topic of “Cumulative Effects in Marine Ecosystems”. ... [more]
11. May 2016
Is the Wadden Sea still a reliable hub for migratory birds? What is the Wadden Sea World Heritage’s global responsibility? ... [more]
04. May 2016
The photo exhibition “Our Wadden Sea World Heritage – Beauty without Borders" was opened on 3 May 2016 in the Wadden Sea Visitor Center in Wilhelmshaven (Germany). The exhibition shows the work of two artists: German photographer and biologist Martin Stock and Dutch photographer Pieter de Vries. ... [more]
02. May 2016
The framework proposes several specific management measures for improving the breeding success of birds in the Wadden Sea area. ... [more]
29. April 2016
On 25–27 April 2016, a delegation from the British Wash estuary and adjacent areas visited the Wadden Sea World Heritage. ... [more]
27. April 2016
Germany´s 16 national parks have a positive effect on the development of the regions where they are located. This is the conclusion of the study "Regional Economic Impacts of Nature Tourism". ... [more]
20. April 2016
The Wadden Sea is more than just a natural treasure, it is also a treasure chest. On 14 April 2016, researchers from the University of Amsterdam presented an extremely rare archaeological find on the Dutch Wadden Sea island of Texel. ... [more]
23. March 2016
Many thanks to our partners for the great success! ... [more]
17. March 2016
The 16th meeting of the Wadden Sea Board (WSB 16) took place at the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden (Netherlands) on 9 and 10 March 2016. ... [more]
16. March 2016
The participation of the Wadden Sea World Heritage at the International Tourism Fair (ITB) in Berlin was praised for the ambiance of the stand, as well as the educative and varied activities that were organised. ... [more]