18th meeting of the Wadden Sea Board in Wilhelmshaven (Germany)

The 18th meeting of the Wadden Sea Board (WSB 18) took place at the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS) in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, on 3 November 2016. The three national delegations as well as advisors from the NGOs Waddenvereiniging and WWF as well as representatives of the Wadden Sea Forum reviewed the state of implementation of the Tønder Declaration and discussed various areas of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation.

The Task Groups presented their customary reports to the Board. Among other topics were the State of Conservation Report for the Wadden Sea World Heritage, which is to be submitted to UNESCO in 2017 and is currently under final revision, the status of the next Quality Status Report (QSR), also to be published in 2017, the new Seal Management Plan that is being developed in the context of the Wadden Sea Seal Agreement (WSSA) and a work plan for a common Wadden Sea World Heritage brand awareness campaign. The WSB also discussed the progress regarding the establishment of the projected Wadden Sea World Heritage Partnership Center.

The CWSS took the opportunity of the WSB to introduce its newest colleague, Annika Bostelmann, who took up the position as Communications and Outreach Officer in the beginning of October. The WSB will meet again in early 2017.