Towards a World Heritage Competence Centre - second workshop held in Bremen

On  2 June 2015, experts from around the Wadden Sea region met in Bremen, Germany, for the second of two workshops aimed at discussing the feasibility of and options for the establishment of a Wadden Sea World Heritage Competence Centre. The Bremen workshop was once again prepared and facilitated by Dr. Andy Brown.

There was consensus among participants that the success story of Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation could be further enhanced by establishing a broader platform for cooperation in working to conserve the Wadden Sea World Heritage and to realize the benefits of this status.

Building on previous discussions and several preparatory documents elaborated by Dr. Brown, the workshop examined potential tasks, as well as institutional and governance options for such a platform. 

The outcome of the two workshops and the intersessional discussions will be reflected in a preliminary document to be submitted to the 14th meeting of the Wadden Sea Board (to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 11 June 2015) and a final report (feasibility study). Based among other things on the preliminary document, the Wadden Sea Board will chart the further course towards establishing the World Heritage Competence Center.