Accomplished! Danish Nomination delivered in Paris.

On January, 25th the Danish representative at the UNESCO Ambassador Poul Erik Dam Kristensen submitted the nomination for the inscription of the Danish Wadden Sea on the World Heritage List to the Director of the World Heritage Centre, Kishore Rao. The nomination also includes an extension of the already inscribed part of the German Wadden Sea World Heritage off the Niedersachsen coast.

On the inscription of the Dutch-German Wadden Sea in 2009 on the World Heritage List, the World Heritage Committee encouraged Denmark to submit a nomination for the Danish Wadden Sea to extend and complement the existing property. This has now finally been accomplished, after a long and extensive discussion in the Danish Wadden Sea Region which showed a very broad support among stakeholders and with the full support of Germany and The Netherlands.

The nomination dossier will now be checked concerning completeness and, if it passes the check, be transferred to the IUCN for a technical evaluation. In June/July 2014 the World Heritage Committee decides whether the Danish part will be inscribed. The chances are high since the Dutch-German part of the Wadden Sea has already paved the way.

The Prime Minister of Niedersachsen David McAllister signs the NominationBefore it was submitted to the World Heritage Center, the nomination document had already travelled far in January. It was signed by the German Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier, the Prime Minister of Niedersachsen David McAllister, the Dutch Minister for Agriculture Sharon Dijksma and finally the Danish Minister of Culture Marianne Jelved before the whole delivery arrived in a box in Paris and finally travelled a few kilometers from the Danish UNESCO Representation to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Photo: the Prime Minister of Niedersachsen David McAllister signs the Nomination

Source: CWSS