Beaches & Dunes

The thematic report on Beaches and Dunes as part of the Quality Status Report 2017 (QSR 2017) provides an overview of the present status of the Wadden Sea salt marshes, based on the Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Program (TMAP). The focus of this report is on aspects like management and protection, policy, mapping and geo-ecology.

From the QSR 2009, thematic report 15, Beaches and Dunes:

The typically sandy shores of the Wadden Sea Islands and on some locations on the mainland coast consist of the nearshore, surf zone, beach, dunes and dune slacks. Together they comprise a single geomorphic system, called the littoral active zone. It is characterized by sediment transport by currents, waves, and wind and lies between the outer limit of wave effects on bottom stability and the landward limit of aeolian sand transport. Beaches and dunes (including dune slacks), the focus of this report, are mainly found on the North-Sea side of the barrier islands, on small Wadden Sea islands and along the mainland coast at Skallingen and Eiderstedt peninsulas, and near Cuxhaven. [….read more]

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