The thematic reports on Climate as part of the Quality Status Report 2017 (QSR 2017) provide an overview on recent climate change developments and possible consequences for the ecosystem of the Wadden Sea. This status review includes aspects of general and local climate effects and induced changes in geomorphology and ecology.

From the QSR 2017, thematic report on climate ecosystems:

The inscription of the Wadden Sea as a World Heritage was based on meeting three out of four natural heritage selection criteria, referring to its dynamic landscape (criterion xiii), the undisturbed ecological processes (criterion ix) and the important habitats for species’ conservation (criterion x). The Statement of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the Wadden Sea incorporates EU directives (Habitats & Birds Directive, Water Framework Directive, Marine Strategy Framework Directive) and the guiding principle as set by the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation in 1978, which is “to achieve, as far as possible, a natural and sustainable ecosystem in which natural processes proceed in an undisturbed way” (CWSS, 2010). [….read more]

Quality Status Report 2017: Climate change (Oost et al.)
                                              Climate ecosystems (Philippart et al.)
Quality Status Report 2009:    Thematic Report 4.1 Climate Change (Oost et al.)
                                                   Thematic Report 4.2 Climate Change and Ecology
                                                          (Philippart & Epping)
Quality Status Report 2004     Chapter 3: Climate (Oost et al.)